A student-led speedrunning marathon in the UK supporting SpecialEffect.

WASD 2024 starts on 3rd Feb 2024.
Submissions close on 8th Jan
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Want to take part? Run submissions now open!

Warwick's Awesome Speedruns and Demos

Started in 2016, Warwick's Awesome Speedruns and Demos (WASD) is a 2-day speedrunning event held annually at the University of Warwick. It is the largest student-run speedrunning event in the UK. We've showcased a wide variety of games from nailbitingly difficult ones like Dark Souls III to living room favourites such as Mario Kart Wii and Splatoon 3. Moreover, we've run some less standard titles such as Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear To The Rescue and Deathsmiles IIX Makai no Merry Christmas. Some runs may even surprise you! Fan favourites include our Celeste on DK Bongos run, Super Monkey's Ball and Geoguessr.

WASD will be returning on 3-4th Feb 2024 with submissions open now!

The event raises money for SpecialEffect, a charity which develops and provides assistive technology to help people with disabilities to play games. To date, we have raised over £9,000!


  • Now
    Submissions Open
  • 8th Jan
    Submissions Close
  • ~12th Jan
    Runs Accepted
  • ~15th Jan
    Schedule Released
  • 3-4th Feb


University of Warwick Computing Society Warwick Esports Centre Warwick SU


Event Info

Warwick's Awesome Speedruns and Demos (WASD) is a 2-day speedrunning marathon run by students at the University of Warwick, UK. Now in its ninth year, it's the largest student-run speedrunning event in the UK.

Donations to the event are in support of SpecialEffect, a wonderful UK-based charity whose mission is to put fun and inclusion back into the lives of people with physical disabilities, by helping them to play video games. They achieve this by using and developing a range of accessibility hardware and software, from modified joypads to eye-gaze technology. To date, the WASD events have raised over £9,000 for SpecialEffect!


WASD 2024 begins on 3rd Feb 2024.

WASD submissions close on 8th Jan.


WASD 2024 will be held on campus, as well as streamed live on the WASD Twitch channel.


WASD is primarily ran by the University of Warwick Computing Society. You can get in contact with us by email or on Discord.

What's On

WASD 2024 will be held in-person, so come along and support the runners!

Weekend-Long Stream

A wide-angle shot of the event

Two days of speedrunning in aid of SpecialEffect live on Warwick campus and streamed live on the WASD Twitch channel. Come and say hi!

Practice Space

A runner practicing at the event

The practice area is a dedicated space for you to trim off some seconds or master that difficult skip while waiting for your run.

Welcoming Community

Spectators enjoying themselves at the event

Our events have a wonderful sense of community and we welcome everyone with open arms!

Convenient Facilities

Nearby food outlets and grocers make it easy to stay well fed and hydrated

There are plenty of convenient local shops and facilities, from grocery stores to coffee shops.

Want to take part in WASD 2024? Submit a run!

Sign ups close on 8th Jan.